January 15, 2019
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Hrvatski muzičar Toni Cetinski svojom današnjom objavom na društvenoj mreži Fejsbuk šokirao je mnoge. Naime, Toni je odlučiuo da napusti Zagreb posle skoro tri decenije,  i vrati se u rodnu Istru, jer kako je napisao, više ne može biti glavom na jednom, a srcem na drugom mestu. Tonijev post prenosimo vam u celosti: Foto: Srbija Danas - Dragi Zagrebe grade! Dao sam ti koliko sam...
Business model? What business model? “We don’t have one,” says Alex Chung. The founder and CEO of Giphy, the Google of gifs, is perched in a green mid-century modern recliner in the company’s SoHo headquarters. The open, brightly-lit space looks out onto the Big Apple—like you might expect from a 2016 tech startup. But the free buffet lunch, which I...

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